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Inflight Crew Tech Support services

Crew Help Desk

Crew Help Desk offers expert troubleshooting and support for hardware and software issues faced by flight crews, ensuring their devices and systems run smoothly.
With lightning-fast remote support, Crew Help Desk technicians can quickly resolve tech problems, minimizing downtime and allowing flight attendants and pilots to focus on their duties.
We offer:
* Robust cybersecurity solutions from Crew Help Desk safeguard sensitive flight crew data and personal data on computer, phone and tablet devices.
* Crew Help Desk provides seamless network setup and optimization for reliable connectivity, enabling flight crews to access critical information and communicate effectively.
* Cloud computing services from Crew Help Desk streamline workflow and collaboration for flight attendants and pilots, allowing them to access files and applications from any device.
* Crew Help Desk's comprehensive knowledge base and self-help resources empower flight crews to troubleshoot minor issues on their own, reducing the need for direct support.


Personalized services for inflight crews

Device setup and configuration (laptops, tablets, smartphones)
• Software installation and troubleshooting
• Data backup and recovery
• Cybersecurity and antivirus protection
• Cloud storage and file sharing solutions
• Remote support and helpdesk services
• Cell phone and tablet data backup and recovery

Inflight Crew Tech Support services

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